Kwinshi Family

Kwinshi Family allows you to save your favorite services. When you’ve been happy with a service, saving that business to your Kwinshi Family is saying that you’ve used them before, you’d use them again, and you happily recommend them! They’re your #KwinshiFam!

You just had amazing customer service, they’re intuitive, they got the job done, super great to work with… Don’t lose them! Save them in your Kwinshi Family and never lose your favorite businesses again. And now when someone is in need of a good services business, tell them “use mine, they’re in my Kwinshi Family”!


  1. When a customer has used a service, they can add that business to their Kwinshi Family.
    • Note: You can only add someone to your Kwinshi Family after a verified transaction. So you know that they’ve definitely used them before.
  2. Now that you’ve saved them, you can just go straight back to your Kwinshi Family to book them again.
  3. Your Kwinshi Family is public on your profile, making recommendations easier.
  4. Businesses will be notified that you added them to your Kwinshi Family.


What does it take to be called ‘family’ when you’re not blood-related?

  • Trust
  • Love
  • Gratitude

KFams is a big deal. Every business’s goal should be to get on a customer’s Kwinshi Family. Strive for trust, love, and gratitude – you will get loyalty in abundance. #KwinshiCulture