Rely on the Kwinshi messaging system to keep all your messages neatly within each job card. You can talk one-on-one, even send images and links! Keep all discussions on the app for better organization and a single point-of-reference for all correspondence.

You can contact people freely and clearly using your Kwinshi profile instead of your personal phone number or emails. You no longer have to waste time figuring out which method of communication you were speaking on – was it text message, email, or Facebook?! Plus, you can get your messages anywhere by simply logging in to your Kwinshi profile!

You can rely on Kwinshi Messenger threads to keep all your information for you.


  1. When a customer requests a quote from a business, a job card is created. Below the job card is the Kwinshi Messenger box.
  2. Start writing and include any attachments:
    1. Links
    2. Documents
    3. Images
  3. You can send items from your desktop files or your device camera roll.
  4. Note: When a quote has been accepted and the job is booked the thread will move to archives, which can be retrieved by placing a request to admin.

Remember that text communication is easily misconstrued. Know that people can be experiencing rough days and moments on the other side of that screen, so try and give people the same patience and understanding you’d want to receive. #KwinshiCulture