Kwinshi Emergency

If you need a solution within minutes, send out an alert for a Kwinshi Emergency job. It sends an ‘emergency alert’ to businesses who can help you, so you get your problem solved and have peace of mind.

Imagine a busted water pipe in the middle of the night, or your baby sitter calling in sick at the last minute. Imagine your computer giving you the blue screen of death before a big deadline, or getting snowed in your driveway when you have to make a flight. Send out an alert for a Kwinshi Emergency job!


  1. A customer will send an alert for a Kwinshi Emergency job through the app with details about the emergency.
  2. An emergency alert, different to the regular Kwinshi notification, will ‘ping’ all the businesses who:
    • Signed up for Kwinshi Emergency,
    • Registered for that type of service, and
    • Service that area.
  3. Any business who responds to the alert are indicating that they can help. The regular hourly rate of that business no longer applies. The business will custom quote the job based on the situation.
  4. If no one responds to the alert, Kwinshi will send reminder alerts. If no one responds after a set time, the Kwinshi Emergency job will be cancelled.
  5. The customer can now choose between the responses and proceed with Kwinshi Emergency the same way regular jobs are discussed, negotiated, and booked.

Kwinshi Emergency jobs are when the people in the community are most in need. This is a great opportunity for Kwinshi businesses, but a big responsibility too.

Businesses should sign up for Kwinshi Emergency if:

  • You can operate in unusual business hours; and/or
  • You can respond to a Kwinshi Alert in minutes; and/or
  • You are very responsive and flexible.

Businesses should not sign up for Kwinshi Emergency if:

  • You only operate during regular business hours; and/or
  • You can not or do not access your app very regularly throughout the day or night; and/or
  • You require a fixed working schedule.

Please be compassionate during anyone’s emergency. High stress situations are the best opportunities to be a great human being. #KwinshiCulture