Kwinshi Family

Kwinshi Family allows you to save your favorite services. When you’ve been happy with a service, saving that business to your Kwinshi Family is saying that you’ve used them before, you’d use them again, and you happily recommend them! They’re your #KwinshiFam!

You just had amazing customer service, they’re intuitive, they got the job done, super great to work with… Don’t lose them! Save them in your Kwinshi Family and never lose your favorite businesses again. And now when someone is in need of a good services business, tell them “use mine, they’re in my Kwinshi Family”!


  1. When a customer has used a service, they can add that business to their Kwinshi Family.
    • Note: You can only add someone to your Kwinshi Family after a verified transaction. So you know that they’ve definitely used them before.
  2. Now that you’ve saved them, you can just go straight back to your Kwinshi Family to book them again.
  3. Your Kwinshi Family is public on your profile, making recommendations easier.
  4. Businesses will be notified that you added them to your Kwinshi Family.


What does it take to be called ‘family’ when you’re not blood-related?

  • Trust
  • Love
  • Gratitude

KFams is a big deal. Every business’s goal should be to get on a customer’s Kwinshi Family. Strive for trust, love, and gratitude – you will get loyalty in abundance. #KwinshiCulture


Rely on the Kwinshi messaging system to keep all your messages neatly within each job card. You can talk one-on-one, even send images and links! Keep all discussions on the app for better organization and a single point-of-reference for all correspondence.

You can contact people freely and clearly using your Kwinshi profile instead of your personal phone number or emails. You no longer have to waste time figuring out which method of communication you were speaking on – was it text message, email, or Facebook?! Plus, you can get your messages anywhere by simply logging in to your Kwinshi profile!

You can rely on Kwinshi Messenger threads to keep all your information for you.


  1. When a customer requests a quote from a business, a job card is created. Below the job card is the Kwinshi Messenger box.
  2. Start writing and include any attachments:
    1. Links
    2. Documents
    3. Images
  3. You can send items from your desktop files or your device camera roll.
  4. Note: When a quote has been accepted and the job is booked the thread will move to archives, which can be retrieved by placing a request to admin.

Remember that text communication is easily misconstrued. Know that people can be experiencing rough days and moments on the other side of that screen, so try and give people the same patience and understanding you’d want to receive. #KwinshiCulture


Kwinshi Emergency

If you need a solution within minutes, send out an alert for a Kwinshi Emergency job. It sends an ‘emergency alert’ to businesses who can help you, so you get your problem solved and have peace of mind.

Imagine a busted water pipe in the middle of the night, or your baby sitter calling in sick at the last minute. Imagine your computer giving you the blue screen of death before a big deadline, or getting snowed in your driveway when you have to make a flight. Send out an alert for a Kwinshi Emergency job!


  1. A customer will send an alert for a Kwinshi Emergency job through the app with details about the emergency.
  2. An emergency alert, different to the regular Kwinshi notification, will ‘ping’ all the businesses who:
    • Signed up for Kwinshi Emergency,
    • Registered for that type of service, and
    • Service that area.
  3. Any business who responds to the alert are indicating that they can help. The regular hourly rate of that business no longer applies. The business will custom quote the job based on the situation.
  4. If no one responds to the alert, Kwinshi will send reminder alerts. If no one responds after a set time, the Kwinshi Emergency job will be cancelled.
  5. The customer can now choose between the responses and proceed with Kwinshi Emergency the same way regular jobs are discussed, negotiated, and booked.

Kwinshi Emergency jobs are when the people in the community are most in need. This is a great opportunity for Kwinshi businesses, but a big responsibility too.

Businesses should sign up for Kwinshi Emergency if:

  • You can operate in unusual business hours; and/or
  • You can respond to a Kwinshi Alert in minutes; and/or
  • You are very responsive and flexible.

Businesses should not sign up for Kwinshi Emergency if:

  • You only operate during regular business hours; and/or
  • You can not or do not access your app very regularly throughout the day or night; and/or
  • You require a fixed working schedule.

Please be compassionate during anyone’s emergency. High stress situations are the best opportunities to be a great human being. #KwinshiCulture


Update your Profile

Update your profile

  • After logging in to, click on the “Dashboard” button in the upper-right hand corner of the website. You are now in the Kwinshi Dashboard, where all of Kwinshi’s options are available to you.
  • Click on “Your Profile” in the user side bar on the left side of the screen. Fill out all of the fields. Click “Update” to save your changes.


Change profile photo

  • Click on “Your Profile” in the user side bar on the left side of the screen.
  • Click “Upload Image” to select a file saved on your device.